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tv   Today  NBC  June 21, 2017 7:00am-9:57am EDT

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local updates throughout the morning. always get local news, weather, and traffic on the nbc app. >> thanks for joining us. the "today" show starts now. enjoy the rest of your day. good morning. breaking news. tropical storm cindy gaining strength as it bears down on the gulf coast. life-threatening flooding expected. states of emergency already declared. while out west, it will be another day of heat and no reli. trump triumph. the republican candidate wins in that closely-watched special election in georgia. a significant blow to democrats, now 0 for 4 in congressional races this year. so, where do both parties go from here? breaking overnight, facing mounting pressure, uber'seo suddenly resigns. why he says he's stepping down,
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as the ride sharing giant will implement changes e philip take hospital overnight. the heartbreaking final photos of otto warmbier. o.j. simpson. and a surprise guest crashes a presidential news conference. today, wedny, >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> a thanks for joining us on a wednesday morning. a morning that has us talking about a lot of severe weather. dangerous weather from coast-to-coast. >> we can show a live shot right now. this is new orleans. the outer bands of tropical storm cindy, are having huge effect. the waves ca s crashing on to a
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boardwalk there. and out west, no break from the record-breaking heat, making life miserable for tens of millions. we're going to get to al in a moment. we want to start with the impact of the tropical storm. kerry new orleans for us. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. tropical storm cindy is hammering the area. you can see the waves crashing behind me. this is not the gulf of mexico. this is lake pontchartrain. driving the waves are the winds that are expected to exceed 60 miles per hour. already, we're seeing some localized flooding. you can see here, a parking lot that's flooded out. the real concern here is that the train will be up to 12 inches on what could be a slow-moving storm. the threat, not just here in new orleans. but from florida all the way west to texas. residents are brg for the worst this morning. as tropical storm cindy moves in from the gulf of mexico, packing dangerous winds and heavy rainfall, with severe flooding
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hitting parts of louisiana. and along the florida panhandle, businesses are shutting down. >> you live in a beautiful place, the good lord washes it off every now and then. >> reporter: the south, bracing for what's to come, as a different battle in the west. scorching heat than 40 million the way from colorado to california. brutal temperatures so hot, they're shattering records. death valley hitting 127 degrees tuesday. >> it's like so hot, you can almost not breathe. >> reporter: the national weather service, warning of a major risk for heat-related illnesses and even death. in arizona, paramedics were on high alert, as they're flooded with desperate calls. >> we want you to get to the hospital? >> reporter: sidewalks anduckl the intense heat. here in new orleans, the question, of course, after hurricane katrina so many years
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ago, is the levee system and the pumps. the levee system has been rebuilt. the pumps have been on for the last 24 hours. they're pumping. and if they can keep up, and it's expected they can, they can do about 12 inches of water in a day. if a slow-moving storm comes in with 12 inches, the pumps should keep up. but there will be localized flooding, guys. >> kerry sanders, thank you very much. al steps in here. you want to start cindy or the heat? we look again. just lake pontchartrain, you can see all of the waves. we will be looking atding in fact, we've already seen severe flooding all the way up into georgia. last night,ta area, we had major flooding. right now, tropical storm cindya good portion of the gulf. and what we have is a predecessor trarain event.
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a p.r.e. the moisture ahead of it, with the stationary front and enhancing the rain that's there. looking at cindy. 170 miles south-southwest of morgan city. the winds intensified to 60 miles per hour. the tropical storm warnings from texas to mobile, alabama, makes landfall early tomorrow morning. that doesn't matter. look at how far in this goes. not just the folks way a to the mississippi river valley, you have to dole with extensive rain. that can cause massive flooding. three to five inches of rain from nashville to heart, the meat, really, of the gulf coast. we could be looking at 12more. and that's going to cause big problems, really life-threatening flooding. out west, the heat continues again today. sacramento, 108. las vegas, 115. albuquerque, 102. it continues again, this
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denver will be 90 degrees. but we start to see it finally breaking down by sunday. el paso, you'll cool to 95. albuquerque, 89. but still, triple digits for tucson, las vegas and sacramento. san diego is theigid temperaturr 70s. but another 48 hours of heat. >> and we're only in june. >> a little early. a lot more to get to, including overnight results in the election in georgia. karen handel defending the challenge from jon ossoff, in the most expensive house race ever. a victory not just for her but to president trump, as well. let's start with gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: good morning. president trump tweeted his con gram grachlations this morning. republicans are taking a victory lap. democrats wanted to showcase the trump resistance. well, it fell flat.
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this morning, the most expensive house race ever is over. and republican karen handel is the new congresswoman from georgia's sixth district. >> i really am honored to be able to stand before you tonight and so extraordinarily humbled. >> reporter: around $60 million spent, mostly from out of state. a heated battle, viewed as a high-stakes referendum president trump. the president weighing in again and again on what should have been a sleepy off-year congressional race. >> and special thanks to the president of the united states of america. >> reporter: democrats saw an opening in the long-time g stronghold, after the president took price for his cabinet. >> we showed the world in places that we could fight.on ossoff rn donors from around the country.
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handel slammed the political newcomer for living just outside the district, taunting him as she opponent can't do that today. >> reporter: democrats now wondering what's next. >> i think this movement is not done. you know, he's taught usow to d respectable way. and i think we'll keep doing that until we can find a way to win. >> reporter: but for the gop, a key victory ahead of next year's midterms. >> i give every georgian this promise. my promise is to work every, single day relentlessly, to make our state and this country a better place. >> reporter: polling for extrem. handel ended up winning by just four points. in south carolina in another special election, the republican there also won, although that race was closer than expected. matt and savannah? >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. in washington. that's the battle over health care. republican lawmakers are crafting new legislation behind
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closed doors. that is drawing complaints from democrats. and now, some top gop lawmakers are joining in. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is at the white house. he's got the latest on all this. peter, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. you're right. the complaints of secrecy, now bipartisan. one republican senator asking reporters, do you know what the health care bill looks like because i don't. there's an all-republican senators meeting to talk about it. their plan to hold a vote on the gop's sweeping rewrite of the health care , just nine days from now. it's the best-kept secret in washington. care bill, with republicans among those being kept in the dark. >> no one has been shared. we used to complain like hell when the demts now, they're doing the same thing. >> reporter: that criticism, echoing across the party. >> even though i've been a member of this working group among senate republicans, assigned to help narrow some of the focus of this, i haven't
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seen the bill. >> reporter: senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, refusing to give specifics, but promising republicans will see a draft of the bill americans wou of time to review it. >> we've been discussing all of the elements of this endlessly for seven years. everyb. i think this will be about as transparent as it can be. >> reporter: the questions over transparency, the same raised by republicans about obamacare seven years ago. house speaker paul ryan addressing that issue with matt earlier this year. >> we're not writing some bill in the back room in harry reid's office, like obamacare was written. we're having public hearings. we're having committees working on legislation. this is how the legislative designed, not hatching some bill in a back room. >> reporter: at stake, coverage for 23 million americans. among the hurdles, cuts to m
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medica medicaid. democrats now ramp up the pressure. >> we're going down to cvo and see if they can tell us what's in the bill. >> reporter: three of them making a show of live streaming their trip to the congressional budget office, trying to track down the details. >> news flash, we didn't get the bill. >> reporter: sean spicer accu accusing democrats of taking themselves out of the mix. >> they chose not to. made it clear they didn't want to engage in this process. >> reporter: with questions swirling about his future role, spicer's return to the podium, marked his first on-camera appearance in a week. social media lighting up after steve bannon explained away spicer's absence. telling a reporter, sean got fatter. chelsea clinton writing, fat shaming isn't a joke i kind funny, ever. >> reporter: the president zeroing in on democrats, saying democrats would do better as a party if they got together with republicans on health care, tax cuts, security. he writes obstruction doesn't
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work. this week, president trump told tech leaders the senate bill needs more heart. the future of health care that was really in republicans' hands. they need 50 votes for their bill to pass. meaning if just three republicans vote against it, the bill fails. matt and savannah? >> peter alexander at the white house this morning. thanks so much. now, to another terrorist belgium. europe. a man was shot by security forces after he blew up a small explosive device in the city's main train station. keir simmons is there for us with new developments in the investigation this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're just a short distance from the platforms in this station, an area surrounded by stores. m ks on the ground, where officials say an attack could have been far worst. a suitcase packed with nails and gas canisters that only partially exploded. europe waking up to frightening and familiar images.
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the floor of brussels station scorched after another terror attack. a birth urst of flames many fee high. the business man from california took this picture. >> people were running out. the soldiers started coming in as i was leaving. >> reporter: this video recorded minutes after the attack. through the smoke, apparently, a glimpse of the suicide bombing suspect, lying on the floor. after the explosion, he was shot dead by soldiers. a european city, again gripped by panic, as people, including tourists, fled. europe has seen three attacks in three days. and in the past three months, a wave of terror, targeting britain, france and sweden. among the attacks in manchester, a bomb at an ariana grande concert. an attack on londoninparis, a m
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police officer. and sunday night in london, a van mounting a sidewalk and mowing down muslims leaving a prayer service. police in europe's capital cities says the situation is under control this morning. brussels, the scene of a deadly isis attack last year, in which 32 were killed by multiple explosions at the airport. and the metro line. this morning in brussels, as the alleged attacker's house is searched, europe, seemingly the target of unrelenting terror. officials say the man was of moroccan descent. and this wave of attacks, demonstrating while security services are able to react here, effectively, savannah, they don't seem to be preable to prevent these attacks. >> a lot on their hands. jared kushner is arriving in israel this morning with ambitious hopes of pllaying the groundwork for a peace deal. he'll meet benjamin netanyahu
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and mahmoud abbas. they're calling it part of an effort to keep the conversation going, rather than the launching of a new phase in the peace process. and another big story making news in that region, a shakeup at the top of saudi arabia's royal hierarchy. king salman has promoted his son to be the next in line to the throne. he replaces salman's nephew as crown prince. no reason for that change was immediately announced. and now, to the options being weighed by the trump administration in the wake of the death of former north korean detainee and college student otto warmbier. we see the final images of otto before he was taken into custody. chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitching has the littlest for us. >> reporter: the u.s. and china are meeting at the state department to discuss options against north korea's missile and nuclear tests. all of this complicated as
7:16 am
outrage is fwrgrowing across america, about the death of student otto warmbier. overnight, a vigil at the university of virginia, where t ottombr would have graduated this spring, as anger spreads over his death, lawmakers consider options. most likely a travel ban for u.s. citizens. 1,000 americans go there each year. and more economic sanctions. the college student seen in these photos, exclusive to laughing and joking in his final days before being arrested, came back home to ohio and died monday, after 17 months of north korean captivity. >> he should have been brought home a long time ago. >> reporter: president trump blaming his predecessor. >> if he were brought home ld have been a lot different. he should have been brought home that same day.
7:17 am
>> reporter: obama officials point out they brought back two americans from pyongyang and said bringing back warmbier was a top priority. later, mr. trump seeming to recuse china. while i appreciate the efforts of president xi and china to help with north korea, it's not worked out. last month, the president seemed open to meet with kim jong-un. >> i would be honored to do it. >> reporter: not in i longer. >> north korea has committed a crime against humanity. and they probably are not going to come clean and explain what happened. >> reporter: as otto warmbier's hometown get ready for the funeral, at the same high school where he addressed his graduating class four years ago. filled with promise and eerily prophetic. >> many of us will move far away and not come back for a long time. >> reporter: and today as the officials meet at the state department, the secretaries of state and defense will meet with
7:18 am
chinese officials. they will press china to do more, as they try to figure out what the president meant by his confusing tweet, saying china was trying to help, while acknowledging that his policy has not worked. >> andrea mitchell, thank you. big news from the world of business. uber ceo, travis kalanick, announcing his resignation, after months of controversy and speculation. business correspondent jo ling kent has more on that this morning. >> reporter: good morning. the uber ceo has resigned after a group of investors pressured him to step down. following a troubled year for the company. it marks a stunning downturn for one of silicon valley's highest-flying start-ups with 14,000 employees. this in uber ceo travis kalanick is out of a job, stepping down as ceo of the company he founded in 2009. among a shareholder revolt.
7:19 am
in a statement given to "the new york times," kalanick said, i love uber more than anything in the world. i accepted the investors' request to step aside, so uber can go back to building, wratra than be distracted with another fight. he said he would take a leave of absence, in part to grieve the death of his mother. that move, not enough to satisfy investors. the uber board of directors releasing a statement overnight, reading in part, this is a bold decision and a sign of his devotion and love for uber. by stepping away, he's taking the time to heal from his personal tragedy, while giving the company room to fully new c uber's history. uber's recent history has been littered with a series of woeek uber employees, including senior staffers were fired amid an investigation into more than 20 bullying and inappropriate
7:20 am
behavior inside the company. in a investigation was sparked by a flag post that went ra eng fowler, who described unwanted sexual advances by her supervisor. >> the whole business. epcaught-on-camera confrontation between kalanick and an uber driver, arguing over the high-end car services. >> they claim everything of their life on somebody else. >> reporter: now, a particular $70 billion ride sharing company is searching for a new ceo to take the wheel and drive it into the future. there is no obvious successor to kalanick. the search is on for a new ceo. and kalanick is likely to keep a presence at uber. he will stay on the board of director s and he will retain a control of the majority of ubers controlling shares. this while the company tries to make good for riders. this week, adding a tipping feature for customers. let's turn back to mr. roker who has the top story of the
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morning, the weather. >> we're looking at the heavy rain through the gulf coast. but here in the northeast, a beautiful day on-tap. severe storms will be firing up later today heorthwest looks spectacular with plenty of sunshine and seasonal temperatures. we're going to get t ♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. good morning. meteorologist bill henley.
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84 degrees in lehigh valley and middle 80s for the suburbs. little warmer. 82 at the shore. skies mostly sunny. 87 in philadelphia. mostly sunny. chance we'll see scattered late day showers in the parts of the area. isolated showers will move out tonight. have a great day. and the controversy that surrounds it. first, on a wednesday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, how the amazon effect is chag we buy everything. and speaking of shopping, hoda -- >> okay, guys. jill is going even lower today.
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good morning. i'm vai sick mesec. sun is up on the first day of summer. see a few scattered thin clouds in philadelphia. mostly going be sunny today. nice and dry to start with. i am tracking a we may see some isolated showers pop up later this afternoon. for now, it's the temperatures that will bepi 62 degrees right now in allentown. 70 in wilmington. 72 in philadelphia. warming into the upper 80s today. humidity stays low. >> thank you, bill. let's get a check on the roads. 295 south jersey. watching it move through mount laurel right now. route 73 northbound side. we had a crash here for at least
7:27 am
the past hour or so. now just taking out part of the center immediate wran and some of the left hand shoulder. earlier we had some lanes blocked. seeing pretty big northbound delays on 295. now checking in with 95. here ray approaching route 322 we're approaching an accident scene. lanes blocked here. traffic almost at a stand still. vai, back to you. today the judge in bill cosby's trial will announce district managers on whether or not -- release names of jurors. local police want to know who shot a man overnight. a friend rushed him to the hospital where he's in critical condition. police are looking at every surveillance video for clues. we'll have another update coming up in 25 minutes. join us every weekday morning from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. i'm vai sikahema. the "today" show continues.
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7:30, now, wednesday morning, the 21st of june, 2017. take a look at that. dangerous weather our top story this morning. these are the conditions in that's tropical storm cindy starting to impact the gulf coast. and heat's the story out west. another day of smothering temps. 88 degrees in vegas right there. we're seeing temps all over the southwest. and al will have the latest. >> good morning. let's talk about other stories in thedl republican karen handel won georgia's special election, avoiding an upset for her party and the white house. democrats
7:31 am
referendum on president trump, ahead of midterm elections. a major shakeup at uber overnight. nbc news has confirmed that travis kalanick the company's co-founder and ceo has resigned. he accepted a request from investors to step aside. uber has been marred in recent months by accusations of harassment and discrimination. and prince philip was taken to the hospital overnight for the treatment of an infection. buckingham palace said the edin, is in good spirits. but his illness caused him to miss the queen's speech at the opening of parliament. he will give duties by the end of august. we wish him well. >> absolutely do. o.j. simpson is back in the headlines. he's preparing to face a parole board hearing that could set him free after nearly a decade in prison. nbc's joe fryer is on that one for us. joe, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. the date is set. o.j. simpson's parole hearing on
7:32 am
july 20th, less than a month away. he's been behind bars since 2008. if he's granted parole, he could be out of prison as early as october 1st. next time for the first time in four years, the public will get to see o.j. simpson. >> i am sorry for what has happened. >> reporter: from his prison in nevada, he will appear by video conference to a parole board, that's 100 miles away. his fate is in their hands. >> someone's behavior in prison alone is not the only factor being considered. >> reporter: the parole board will take a close look at the severity of the crime in question, the armed robbery of two men with o.j. memorabilia at a hotel in 2007. parole board will look at age at first arrest. history of drug and alcohol abuse. and disciplinary conduct over the past year. "the l.a. times" recently reported on simpson's lif and
7:33 am
in the prison gym and coaches sports teams. >> what i've been told the primary focus on his life is to get parole right now. what i've been told is that he's on excellent behavior. he avoids problems when he can. and i think -- he really wants to be a free man. >> reporter: it's unclear who might speak at the parole hearing. but under nevada law, testimony will be limited to simpson, his attorney and one relative or supporter, along with victims of the crime. of course, this case has no connection to the 1994 murders of simpson's ex-wife, nicole brown, and her friend, ron goldman. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> reporter: a jury found simpson not guilty in a case that captivated the country then. and again last year, with the emmy-winning tv series "the people versus o.j. simpson," followed by the oscar-winning documentary, "o.j. made in america." on july 20th, at the age of 70, the former football star will step into the spotlight once again. four out of seven members of the
7:34 am
parole board must vote in favor for simpson to be released. the decision could come down as early as the day of the hearing. and the board's decision is final. unlike other states, in nevada, there's no appeal to the governor. back to you guys. >> we'll be watching. joe fryer, thank you. we're talking about storm cindy and the flooding it's bringing. that flooding is extending way inland. >> it really is. we have severe weather to talk about that's not related to cindy. let's get to it. cindy way offcoast. but you can see the moisture coming on in here. so, we got this rainfall forecast through saturday, from the southeast louisiana coast, all the whand of florida. we could be looking at 12 inches of rain. look at how far up the rain spreads through saturday. the flood risks today. look at this. we have a high risk, from biloxi, to pensacola. new orleans is in there, from a slight to moderate risk. this is really east and north of the storm. but tomorrla ifall. look how far up we have a risk
7:35 am
of flooding. knoxville, nashville, memphis, atlanta. birmingham gets into a higher risk, as well. with an approaching system, we have 12 million people at risk for severe weather. can't rule out tornadoes and large hail potential from fargo, madison, to amarillo, texas. and tomorrow from cheyenne, wyoming, chicago, peoria, and lansing, chan, a very active good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a warm sauummer day ahead. a lot of sunshine. look at the temperatures. 86 in delaware. 84 for the lehigh valley. middle 80s for the suburbs. just a little bit warmer in new jersey. exception would be the shore. 80 degrees this afternoon. skies becoming mostly sunny. 87 in philadelphia. mostly sunny. there is a chance we'll see scattered late day showers and parts of the area.
7:36 am
isolated showers should move out. have a great day. get your latest weather on the weather channel on cable. tice, but not a lot lot of good news in t forecast right now. >> not right now. but eventually, it will be. >> al, thanks. just ahead, runaway bus andc attempts to stop it. first, a new weapon in the fight aga a roads. >> hi. good morning. i'm jeff rossen. coming up, a new device called the textalyzer. if you get into an accident, police will be able to plug it in and download the information on your phone town to what
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the all-new volkswagen atlas. seats seven, sleeps six. life's as big as you make it. this morning on "rossen reports," the controversial new device for police that can tell if you're texting while you're driving. >> it's meant to improve safety. but is it also an invasion of your privacy? today, national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here with more on that. it's a little controversy. >> reporter: it's very controversial. it's called the ed about it on "trending." think about a breathalyzer but for your phone. tracking every tap and click you make. police would use it to make sure you're texting and driving and distracting. the textalyzer would allow infon from your phone right on the spot, right on the street, without a warrant. this morning, you're about to see how it works.
7:42 am
watch this head-on collision caught on camera in massachusetts. police say the driver admitted she was texting when she slammed into this jeep. luckily, no one was seriously hurt. and this driver in florida, swerving across the road before hitting a tree and flipping over. he was able to crawl out to safety, admitting to police, he was using his phone. texting and driving is illegal in 47 states now, this new device called the textalyzer is aiming to crack down. so, how does it work? to show you, we'headquarters oft developed this new technology. and this is the ceo right here, ja jim grady. this is it right here. about the size of an ipad. how would this work? >> i would say, please plug this >> reporter: would i have to do? >> like the breathalyzer,
7:43 am
there's consequences if you choose not to. >> reporter: penalties if i say no. >> yes. it will record the touches and swipes on your phone, and will get no data about received. >> reporter: but you know if i swiped on an app or what i was using? >> yes. >> reporter: in the previous minutes before the accident? >> yes. >> reporter: we're going to do a little demo here. like i said, we're at the headquarters. we blocked off this entire big parking lot. you see me texting and on the phone and messaging, i'm not on the road. i'm going to hop in and see if it works. don't tt up, i send a message o whatsapp. hey, how are you? i check out facebook. one of my favorites. i even answer a call. hello? and send a text message, too. hi. how is it going?
7:44 am
sent. when i'm done wreaking havoc in the parking lot, i pull over. and we plug in the textalyzer. >> phone data is being analyzed. >> reporter: all right. >> i can see that you opened whatsapp at 2:45. there were several facebook activity. you received an incoming call at 2:59 and you sent an sms at 3:00. >> reporter: police can pinpoint down to, you were driving and that was a minute before the accident. >> and that's very important. >> reporter: but privacy advocates say it's too intrusive and police should need a warrant for that access. >> there's no guarantee if you hand the cell phone over the police officer that that officer won't be copying all kinds of data abo getting what was said in the text or what who it was said to. just the touches and swips. >> reporter: it's a prototype. the company wants the police to have a textalyzer. but they can't have it until
7:45 am
states pass legislation allowing it. lawmakers in new york are trying to do just that. under the bill, your license could be suspended if you refuse to hand over your phone. now, lawmakers in new jersey, tennessee and chicago want to do it, too. >> reporter: >> you said texting and driving is illegal in 47 states. it's missouri, partial ban. >> arizona. >> and montana. >> most states it's illegal. where are the states that are not illegal. it's a dangerous thing. you see what can happen. >> thanks, jeff. let's see what carson is doing in the orange room. no beth lreathalyzer there. marco rubio
7:46 am
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uva/uvb protection to help prevent early skin aging and skin cancer all with a clean light feel. for unbeatable protection. it's the one. the best for your skin. ultra sheer®. we're back. 7:50. boy, do we love a good awkward moment in carson? >> a few of them. this was a good one, savannah. the hug seen around the world. marco rubio with ivanka trump. but all they could talk about was a perfectly timed photo of rubio hugging ivanka, who looks caught off guard. this spread across social media like wildfire. attaching the jerry seinfeld, that's the kesha nonhug.
7:51 am
rubio himself tweeting, just left intel comm and informed meeting with ivanka trump, blowing up twitter over failed hug. ivanka joins in. writing anonymous sources say mark coe rubio planned the alleged failed hug. i have no mm have hugged him anyway. and rubio looks busted right there. that face says this is going viral. and based on review of evidence and my own recollection, no hug and my own recollection, no hug happened. ( ♪ ) a dog's big life is measured in wags. and when you feed your dog nature's recipe, you fuel the wag with our 35-year history of premium recipes
7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:56 am
good morning. warming pup ni inup nicely out first day of summer and we're in the 60s and 70s. some cooler numbersalle it's 66 degrees in the suburbs, but look at that sunshine. blue skies over king of prussia. warming to 75 at 10:00. 1: t climbing. destined to upper 80s this afternoon ff philadelphia. humidity will be dropping as the day goes on. there is a slight chance of a late day shower. looking for cooler temperatures, you'll find them at the shore. up to 80 degrees. video of crews working to fix water main break in montgomery county. io is closed. police asked that you avoid that
7:57 am
area. to check on other traffic issues with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. few things going on this morning. go through this really quickly. starting at 95 approaching on the northbound side. accident there. seeing northbound delay. the schuylkill expressway has seen better mine drive time. doing work on the westbound side. 41 minutes speeds into the teens in both directions. end here with 295 crash in mount laurel. route 73. now over to the center. today the jury in the trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams more from an employee of a nursing home where his mother was being cared for. prosecutors allege williams took $20,000 meant for the nursing home. he's on trial for allegedly taking illegal gifts in exchange for legal favors. another update coming up in 25 minutes. join us every morning from 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, to the extreme. as the gulf coast prepares for tropical storm cindy. >> the boats are tied up right now. they evacuated the gulf. >> crippling heat cripples the west. >> it's so hot, you can almost not breathe. >> we're live with the latest conditions. plus, prime mover. with the acquisition of whole foods, is amazon looking to change the way you buy everything? from the death of malls to delivery by drone. consumer at home. and amy poehler in the house. >> we're bad parents. remember that mother who threw her baby down a well? we're worse than that mother. today, wednesday, june 21st,
8:01 am
2017. ♪ >> you know what i think? i think today's a perfect day for a funky dance party. is it not? ♪ facetime from overseas. who do you have here? >> this is my dad. he is deployed in japan. >> ♪ >> i understand we have a surprise on the plaza. would you like to come out andp? what does it mean, girls raised in the south? >> grits is something you eat. we schachange it and say, girls raised we from georgia. >> good morning, everyone. welcome back to "today" on this wednesday morning. nice crowd outside. we'll go out and say hello to those people about half an hour
8:02 am
from now. >> that little girl can high kick. but that matt's high kick is rockettes level. i'd be in the emergency room. let's get t 8:00. the outer bands of tropical storm cindy are slamming the gulf coast. this is the scene in new orleans this morning. cindy gained strength overnight. moved closer to shore. flooding has already started in georgia and louisiana. the storm could dump more than a foot of rain. and some voluntary evacuations are under way. businesses in the florida panhandle are shutting down until that violent weather passes. alabama is under a state of emergency. tropical storm cindy is being blamed for turbulence that injured a dozen people onboard a flight on tuesday. miguel almaguer is in houston. the plane landed safely there. what happened? >> reporter: the turbulence was so violent on that flight, some passengers were as ttossed arou
8:03 am
like rag dolls. more than a dozen were injured. including one woman who was slammed into the ceiling. all this happening at more than 30,000 feet. the injured rushed away by ambulance. among those hurt, teens, grandparents and a crew member on united flight 1031, with 160 passengers onboard. >> i do need you to keep your taxi speed up as much as feasible. i have a medical emergency. >> reporter: the flight from panama city to houston experienced severe turbulence 80 miles east of cancun, on the edge of cindy, which turned into the gulf of mexico tuesday. after landing safely in houston, firefighters boarded the plane. >> there was about 14 or 18 people that, you know, were kind of like grabbing or saying, hey, i want to go to the hospital. >> repte turbulence struck the 737 mid flight with no warning, causing at least 14 injuries. seven people hospitalized. >> complaints range from
8:04 am
anxiety, chest pain, shortness of breath. that was several people. most of them complained of mostly just, you know, bumps and bruises. and neck pain. >> reporter: turbulence can cause damage on flights, like on this one last month, it is rare. this morning, 160 passengers in houston relieved their flight is over and they're now safely back on the ground. this morning, we're told everyone who was hospitalized has since been released. airlines say while this incident is certainly scary, it's a reminder, always stay pubuckledp in the air. >> miguel, thank you. president trump is congratulations karen claimed victory overnight in georgia's high-stakes house race. gabe gutierrez is outside of atlanta with the results. good morning to you. >> reporter: this race was closely watched across the country. the most expensive house race
8:05 am
ever. president trump, as you mentioned, tweeting overnight, congratulating georgia's newest member. republicans around the country taking a victory lap. more than $60 million were spent on this race. mostly from out of state. democrat jon ossoff was in a tight race with republican karen handel, who now welcomes the first gop congresswoman elected from georgia. >> and i give every georgian this promise. my promise is to work every, single day, relentlessly, to make our state and this country a better place. >> reporter: democrats had wanted to make this race a referendum on president trump and his policies. but the party is 0 for 4 in recent special elections. many are wondering how the party will recover before next year's midterm elections. matt? >> all right, gabe. thank you. some scary moments in brooklyn overnight, when a runaway b rolled backward for several blocks.
8:06 am
it hit ten different parked cars before it finally came to a stop. it slammed into a church at the end. nobody was hurt. the bus driver just forgot to put the bus in park. he left it in so, an investigation is under way. that's so lucky that no one was hurt in that. >> that thing's moving. >> fast. a lot more for you this morning, including how the amazon effect is changie ining everything from how we shop for clothes. did daniel day-lewis quit acting for good? and jill's next round of the hottest summer "steals & deals" ever. all that plus amy poehler all that plus amy poehler the average family's new, but old, home: all that plus amy poehler it stood up to 2 rookies, 3 terrible two's, and a one-coat wonder named "grams". it survived multiple personalities, 3 staycations, and 1 tiny announcement.
8:07 am
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it's a better fuel that helps you, be unstoppably you. non-alcoholic juice drinks inspired by your favorite cocktails. [ plays chord ] like sangria. the taste will take you away. [ plays melody ] [ plays castanets ] [ melody stops ] got carried away. welcome back on a wednesday morning. this week's announcement that amazon is planning to buy whole foods made shock waves beyond the grocery aisle. >> jo ling kent has more on that. jo, good morning. >> reporter: good morning again, you guys. with amazon adding whole foods to its arsenal, it seems like there's no industry that ceo jeff bezos won't try to congresser. amazon is betting big on this small but growing industry,
8:12 am
installing his influence as the king of logistics, leaving everyone wondering what he will disrupt next. when amazon moves into the neighborhood, it usually means a seismic shift for consumers and retailers. >> amazon coming in here, shaking things up. it will be good for the consumer. it will be a better experience in stores and maybe over time lower prices. >> reporter: but amazon's purchase of whole foods has traditional retailers, from big chains to mom and pop stores, we thinking their own future. the convenience of ordering online is placing new burdens on smaller, independent stores, as amazon delivers everything, from toiletries to clothing to electronics in just a click. 100,000 retail workers have lost their jobs since october. and 25% of malls are expected to close by 2022. as shopping migrates to your phone and laptop, amazon is already dominating nearly half of all online shoppin ingping.
8:13 am
and its porch of whole foods is expecting to put new pressure on the grocery industry, to innovate or perish. john mackey telling his employees after the deal was announced, i think we're going to see a lot of technology. i think you'll see whole foods markets evolve in leaps and pounds. perhaps, stores without checkouts or cashiers, where your every move is tracked by artificial technology and ail go rhythms. >> you have to offer customers op demanding now. >> reporter: and this week, amazon introducing its prime wardrobe service, delivered to your doorstep. just the latest retail disruption. >> amazon's record of dominance sends a shutter of concern through the supermarket industry. country's internet grocer. but they say they welcome healthy competition. and that there's plenty of
8:14 am
shoppers to two around. >> i don't think anybody saw this coming. so, inevitably, the question becomes, do you see it as a threat? or do you see it as an opportunity? we see it as both. >> reporter: as ceo jeff bezos makes an aggressive move, another industry bracing for what comes next. >> our strategy doesn't change. it makes us feel a lot more bold and aggressive about making big bets. >> reporter: the whole foods acquisition is not a done deal. the market is bracing for a possible bidding war if an amazon rival puts in a better offer. earlier this week, whole foods shares closed more than a dollar higher than what amazon paid. that indicates the grocery wars are far from over. guys? >> that's interesting. much. kids, you ready to trend? >> yes. >> i have the topic today. it's my day. we're parents at the table. we have shared a photo or two with a family and friend and online. here's the question -- has anyone ever mom shamed you or
8:15 am
dad shamed you after posting a photo? >> in what way? >> i put my daughter out, and under an umbrella. and they were like, why doesn't she have glasses on? >> that's happened to me when vale was a baby. and one second, her skin has never seen the light of day. why doesn't she have a hat? yes. >> you're not alone. a new study from the university of michigan found that 60% of the women polled have been criticized for their parenting style. celebrities get it all the time. chrissy teigen, she gets criticized for the way she holds her baby, dresses her baby. she shared a picture of her daughter, luna, with a diaper. she stopped the trolls, this diaper is never not blue. don't start with me. that's the little line in the front. remember when ryan reynolds was on the "today" show. he was criticized after they shared this picture-his daughter. they said the daughter wasn't
8:16 am
fastened properly in the carrier. he said, i made a mistake. my favorite of all-time, though, kelly clarkson. >> oh, nutella. she posted this picture-her daughter chowing down. nutella is packed with sugar. giving food is like child abuse. that's what they wrote to her. my favorite is kelly's response. this is what she did. a few days later, she posted this image of her son's first birthday, inhaling birthday cake. >> like a kid should. >> it's ridiculous. >> but sometimes it's not just people 's lnee family members. husbands, wives, saying why don't you do it like that? >> what's that instinct that you put a picture up and somebody wants to say -- scrutinize and look for what you've done wrong. what's that what about? >> people feel proprior tear. if al does weather, i'll get 100 -- i see your head behind
8:17 am
al. like, people look for the -- >> we can see your body. just your head. >> what do you have there? >> they want to find something to criticize. >> trollers going to troll. we'll get to "pop start." one of hollywood's best actors throwing in the towel. daniel day-lewis is retiring from acting. his spokeswoman confirming the news saying daniel day-lewis will no longer will be working as an actor. this is a private decision that neither he nor his representatives will make any further comment on this subject. the actor has won three oscars for best actor. he has one more movie set to come out on christmas day. that's crazy, right? >> such a good actor. >> maybe like boxing, he'll make a comeback eventually. big changes to the "star wars" spin-off. only a few weeks left. the directors of the han solo
8:18 am
movie. they are parting ways. only a few weeks left, on the still untitled film. lucasfilm's president saying, we had differences on this film. a new director will be announced soon. they are also confirming the news with their own statement. we aren't fans of the phrase creative differences. this is true. we're amazed at the work our cast and crew have done. release for that still expected to be on may 2018. >> maybe they should call it creative differences. >> rogue 1 and t2 worked out. chris pratt and anna ferris. chris has been getting back in shape. but his wife, anna, getting the last laugh. posting this picture of a buff chris pratt to twitter. you can't send me a photo and expect me not to tweet it. and it looks like chris' diet
8:19 am
has paid off. let's get to your daly click today. we don't always show uf a presidential news conference. but this is a little different. this is costa rica's president talking to reporters. all of a sudden, a little bug -- a bug flew right in his mouth. >> show it again. watch the bug. oh. yummy. >> he swallowed it? >> he laughs it off. he said, i ate it. i ate the wasp. you see the reporter in the background, disgusted. the president looking at the bright side saying, and i quote, pure protein. >> remember when mark potter did that? >> that reminds us of one of the wildest "today" show moments. carson, were you here for this? >> oh, yeah. >> watch this bug. oh. >> he got it on the inhale. >> at least he inhaled it. costa rica's president chewed. >> oh, yeah.
8:20 am
unfortunate. >> wow. >> that's no fun on a live shot. that's your "daly al? >> let's get the latest from the national hurricane center. this just in on what the latest is onanpi the latest, not much change. it's moving northwest at eight. 165 miles southwest of morgan city,m warnings from the texas coast all the way to the mobile, alabama area. friday morning, and continues inland into saturday. so, we're looking at a widespread area ofvy concentrat greatest flood risk going to be from new orleans to the panhandle. isolated rainfall amounts. three to five inches, all the way up, as far north as ashville and heading into the n good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a warm summer day ahead. lots of sunshine and look at these temperatures.
8:21 am
86 degrees in delaware, up to 84 degrees for the lehigh valley and in the middle 80s for the i new jersey. the exception the shore 80 degrees with skies mostly sunny. 87 in philadelphia. mostly sunny, there is, though, a chance we'll see scattered late day showers in parts of the area, isolated showers should move out overnight tonight. have a great day. >> and that is yher. hoda? >> al, thank you so much. all right. we have reached the midway point of our sizzling summer "steals & deals." jill martin started with things at 100 bucks. then, 75. today, we're dropping it down to 50 bucks or less. love it. we are sitting on these beautiful towels. >> we thought this was the perfect segment for you because
8:22 am
you love summer. today is the first day. let's start with oversized beach towels. luxor linen beach towels. look how large they are. >> and soft. and soft, too. >> you get a set of two. >> yes? >> they come in ten colors. the retail is $175. the deal, $49. that's for two. 72% off. >> what? okay. be careful getting off. >> gracefully getting up here. >> you got it. >> moving on. >it's lois -- it's the name of -- donna's birthday. she's eyeing these neck losslac. the celeste or the celia. it's superpretty. and the celia is the drop necklace. these are great to layer if you have things. >> i can picture like a sun dress and putting that on. gorgeous. >> the retail is $120. the deal is $38.
8:23 am
68% off. >> let's get athletic. >> everyone knows you wake up at 4:00 a.m. and run outside. it's true. these are perfect. the altra running sneakers. $165 is the retail. they're made off -- they're made of reflective material. >> you can go at night. >> they're good in low light situations. people know you're coming and going. men's and women's. you can go on to see all of the versions of them. 165. the deal, $49. >> what? >> 70% off. and there's free shipping. >> by the way, they're kind of cute. all right. >> moving over here. >> cover-ups. >> love this, obviously. day-to-night. you're supercasual over the summer. you can wear them with flip-flops, with or without the belt. the retail, $168. they're calling it the sand and sea club cakaftan. and our plaza. the retail, $168.
8:24 am
$39, 77% off. >> you can wear it over a bathing suit. the way you would do, jill martin. are we sitting? >> let's sit. >> i like the pillows. >> okay. our little beach setting here. the retail $99 to $159. indoor/outdoor styles. some say summer some say sunshine. they're machine-washable. they're slip covers. $89 to $159. $29, up to 82% off. we have tons of deals on, that's not all. things are selling out superquickly. keep going lower and lower. let's go through the products one more time. the beach towels. where are they from? >> they are from luxor linens. >> we like those. what else? >> the lapis lois jewelry.
8:25 am
>> love that. >> we have the stacy wu kaftan. and the frog hill pillows. >> you did an awesome job as usual. thank you so much. $25? >> $25 and friday. >> going to be worth it. we'll be back right after this. look who we have here, guys. amy poehler. she has a great new movie called "the house." crazy nickname. you're the burner. >> i know. i go into the dark side in this movie. >> we c amy on the
8:26 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema. about 8:30. let's get to first alert meteorologist bill henley with your neighborhood forecast. >> starting to see sunshine now at ocean city. the clouds are breaking, and sun will warm temperatures in the low 80s at the shore. inland, heading for the upper 80s, you can see scattered clouds, stays dry during the day. we could see an evening shower pop up. easton mostly sunny, temperatures on the rise, 68 in allentown, wilmington 74, 74 in philadelphia. >> thank you, bill. a check on the roads with traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> we're watching the cameras around belmont avenue westbound, 36 minutes now, stop and go from
8:27 am
the vine street expressway to the blue route. we see some jam-ups around montgomery. watching an average speed there down in the teens. still watching this crash with delays by the scene on 295, moving through mount laurel and route 73. this accident scene was blocking lanes but now blocking the shoulder and center median northbound toward trenton it's slow. >> a judge will rule whether to release the names of the jurors in the bill cosby trial. nbc news is one of the many pushing for the information. prosecutors think releasing the names could make jury selection more difficult for a retrial. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. you can get the latest news and the weather with the nbc 10 app. i'm vai sikahema. the "today" show continues in minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] 8:30, now. it's wednesday of ju. this is the first official day of summer. we're doing it right here on th concert, one of our favorites, andy grammer. >> love him. >> just amazing. i have to introduce you to someone t this is brad, he's going to my alma mater, the university of arizona, this fall. bear down. >> bear down. >> you wanted to be pi phi. a six pack of beer would have been the way to do it. i'm sure that's not true anymore. >> thank you so much. >> congratulations. >> it will be fun.
8:31 am
>> it's 120 >> good thing i'm not there. >> it's a dry heat. congrats. >> savannah holds the beer pong record there. good luck breaking that. >> we're so proud. just ahead, we're winning. look who is here. amy poehler is here. she stars in the new movie called "thouse." and we're grilling up a great summer meal that's bursting with flavor. and it's good on the health side, as well. >> yum. >> looks you probably noticed our buddy, charlie, isn't here. he's on the road, touring major league baseball stadiums. and his latest stop took him to the phillies, where charlie delivered the ball to the pitcher's mound, as you see right there, the ceremonial first pitch, thrown out by a was caught by phillie phanat phanatic. we were there for the dnc. we had a lot of fun. roker, a check of the atic.
8:32 am
weather? >> we do. besides worrying about cindy, the pacific northwest looks spectacular. plenty of sunshine. we have we continuing in central california all the way to the southwest. torrential rain ahead of cindy. and f along the west coast, into the pacific northwest. the heat continues in the southwest. and heavy flooding likely, making its way into the central gulf coast and the mid mississippi river valley good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a warm summer day ahead. lots of sunshine and look at these temperatures. 86 degrees in delaware, up to 84 degrees for the lehigh valley and in the middle 80s for the suburbs, a little bit warmer in new jersey. the exception the shore 80 degrees with skies mostly sunny. 87 in philadelphia. mostly sunny, there is, though, a chance we'll see scattered late day showers in parts of the area, isolated showers should move out overnight tonight.
8:33 am
have a great day. >> hey. don't forget, as important as it is, make sure you get your weather whenever you need it. check out oeck out our good bud the weather channel only on cable and your mobile tv savannah? >> al, thank you so much. in the new movie "the house," amy poehler and will ferrell turn casino managers. it's a drastic move to pay for their daughter's college tuition. >> we're bad parents. that mother who threw their baby down the well, we're worst than them. >> we always tell the truth. that's what we say. >> i think we should do it. >> not going to do it. >> me, neither. >> we have to lie. that's what parents do. we don't know what we're doing. >> isn't that the truth? amy, good morning. we're going to play roulette. >> i'm excited. >> are you a gambling at all.
8:34 am
>> should i be scared? >> i like to go like this. i like to spread it out and say, give me all of it. ma'am, you can't bet like that. >> house wins. i love the premise of this movie. you said, it is never too late to do the wrong thing. >> i like this couple are united in t know each other well enough and they still love each other, which is nice to show a marriage still thriving. >> and they're doing it for their kid. they open a casino in their friend's basement. and they really get into it. >> they do. they start to act like what suburban parents would assume casino owners should act like. so, my character goes to the costume shop and buys a red fedora. and will starts wearing dark suits. >> this gets gory. your nickname is the >> what does the burner do? >> what does she do? she terrorizes people with fire.
8:35 am
>> as one does. >> yeah. >> you and will, i think you've been in a in the same movie. but you never got to share screen time. >> he's t with him. he's funny and nice and normal. and commits 100%. so, i really wanted to work with him closely. >> what's the dynamic? is it, like, i'm going to take crazy to the next level. >> well, i think will and i both approach our characters in a similar way. we really love confident, dumb people. >> lethal combination. >> yeah. so, we both went for it all the time. and he's such a fun partner to play around with, that it was a blast. >> and i hear that in the movie, your character's name is kate. >> yes. a name every woman needs to have in a movie. >> kate or the burner. >> yeah. >> but she had a college
8:36 am
nickname. you remember what it was? >> it was smoke weed and pee outside kate. >> it's long and not catchy. did you have a college nickname? >> i didn't. >> if there were a nickname, what would it have been? >> it would probably have been fold laundry and watch "30 something." >> come on. no? really? write in your diary, amy. >> i did not have a party nickname. >> you didn't? you weren't a party girl? >> were you a party girl? >> maybe a little bit? yes. i was. >> own it. do not have to feel bad about that. >> no. >> i think i did my share of partying. but i was in an improv group and a good student. i didn't really -- i didn't really blow it out until just last night. >> exactly. tell me about that. get a little crazy. >> yeah. i'm just waiting to party until i'm in my 50s. >> stay up until 9:00. watch "this is us." >> i really went for it.
8:37 am
>> you have a show coming out called "the handmaid project." >> we're still casting for you older people out there. we need you. but yeah. it's a show that nick offerman and i are hosting. we're celebrating makers. people who make things. >> nick loves to woodwork. >> he's an amazing crafter. i know nothing about it. the combination is fantastic. >> i thought maybe you would be a crafter. >> i want -- >> enough talking, ladies. let's play. >> carson, we're -- >> the burner, how are you? >> going to play the roulette wheel. >> the crafting show. that makes sense. here we go. >> neither of us know how to play. >> a second or two here. let's go. bets close in about ten seconds. >> even. even. >> here we go, laid ladies. black 17. >> that's you. >> smoke weed and pee outside
8:38 am
wins. >> i always win. >> you two out to smoke weed and pee outside. >> not -- do we bet again? >> bet again. new number. red or black. you can pick a number. >> really don't. >> about ten seconds. we're going to close betting, ladies. bets are closed. red 19. >> oh. >> come on. >> big money. no whammies. >> the house won. >> ooh, good segment. "the house" is the name of your movie. opens in theaters next friday, june 30. also known as june 30th. coming up next, what you can do to keep injuries at bay while trying to reach your summer fitness goals. first this, is "today" on nbc. feel the burn. ♪
8:39 am
if you want a taste of freedom, keep going. we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal. we must want our fellow human beings to have rights. stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality. plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at
8:40 am
all right. welcome back, everyone. if you're thinking of sidelining your workout this morning because of a couple of aches and pains, don't untie your sneakers
8:41 am
just yet. we have simple at-home fixes to get you back in traction and get you back in motion, as well. dr. jordan metsle is a sports medicine physician at the hospital for special surgery in new york city. good morning. >> good morning, matt. >> what a wonderful, wonderful hospital. >> thank you. >> you believe in preventative medicine. this is like a car. >> taking care of your body is like taking care of a car. i'm going to teach people to take care of the kinetic chain. all of the muscles tip-to-toe. and by making them more flexible, people can keep them running for miles. >> as opposed to dealing with it after it breaks down. weekend warriors feel a little pain and push through it. is that the idea? >> i want people to take care of the problems at the beginning. but if it changes how they move or walk or run, they have to touch base with their doctor. >> we will talk about the knee, the shoulder and the back. let's start with knees. what's the most common injury people have when it comes to the knee? >> got you.
8:42 am
i see knee problems in my office all the time. arthritis and runner's knee. i want people to learn how to do exercises to make those better. dale is working on a foam roller. >> you love these things. >> this is releasing the muscles around the knee. people think, i have arthritis on my knee. they can loosen the muscles. and phil will show us some strength training, doing some squats. what he's doing is strengthening the muscles around the knee. >> phil is doing it without weights. do you recommend that people use light weights. >> he has weights in front of them. as soon as they do it without weights, they can build in weights. >> form is important. you have to make sure you're doing it properly. >> form, people think, my knee aches, i can't do it. the more they build strength, the better they feel. >> let's move to the back. i missed a couple of days of work with a bad back. when we talk about backs, what's
8:43 am
the most someone injury? >> the muscular back spasm. a pinched nerve can be painful. the same thing, flexibility and strength. we have meghan who is pregnant here, working on the foam roller on her back. she is using it on her back. do you have one at home? >> i do not, no. they haven't got me on that yet. do you recommend people do this every day? every other day? >> every day. it helps loosen up the muscles. the muscle around the spine protects the spine. this helps a lot. >> here, we talk about flexibility. >> avery is going to show us what's called a flaplank. a plank is an isometric strength exercise. she is strengthening the front and the back of the muscles at the same time. >> doc, at what point, do you
8:44 am
feel discomfort about your back do you see your doctor? >> if it's worsening, shooting down your leg. >> numbness, pins and needles. let's move on to shoulders. golf, swimming, baseball, things like that. >> this is the time of year. we have two models here. amanda will show us how she stretches out the muscles around her shoulder. the muscles on the back of the shoulder can get very tight. she is showing us how she is stretching the muscles. she's going to line her back and loosen up the muscles. the muscles stabilize the shoulders. and greg is showing us how to use a theraband. and that strengthens the muscles on the back of the shoulder. >> if people do these kinds of things every day, as you suggest, what percentage of these nagging injuries can we avoid? >> the answer is probably a lot. the better they do body
8:45 am
maintenance, the less likely they are to see me. and i want people to learn to do these on their own. >> jordan metsle. i do feel better, thank you very much. thanks to your colleagues. up next, we're taking our summer grilling game to the next level. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
we're back, now. time for "today food." this morning, we're firing up the grill for flank steak. if you're looking for a sure to please and good for you dinner, we have a meal your guests will love. pamela is author of the new book "kitchen matters." >> happy summer. this is simple and delicious. and i love the ingredient grid. >> all we're working with is some flank steak, garlic, olive oil, ball sbalsamic, and thyme.
8:48 am
we're going to do a post marinade. we're going to have balsamic and add in olive oil. this is adding flavor after the dish. really easy. garlic and a pinch of salt. we can whisk that up. and we're going to set that off to the side. and after the flank steak is cooked, we're going to put that on. >> what are we putting on the flank steak before the grill? >> we're going to add some black pepper. and some fresh thyme. you can sprinkle that on. >> do you do both sides? >> i'm going to do one side right now. >> okay. >> you can do this four hours ahead. you can do it overnight. cover it. stick it in the refrigerator. and then, this has been preseasoned. >> all right. >> all we need to do right now is just brush this with a little olive oil. >> you left this overnight? >> yes. this is left overnight. and this has already been done. so, brush with olive oil so it doesn't stick. and then, we have to hit it with salt. usually i do it half a teaspoon
8:49 am
with a pound or so. just kosher salt. >> got it. >> this has been preheated. >> by the way, our tasters are over there. >> are you tasting it already? >> yeah. >> what do you any? >> really good. >> steak at 8:40 in the morning. >> do you have trick for knowing your pan is hot enough? >> put your hand about five inches from it. if it feels hot after about five seconds and you have to take it away, it's hot. if you're hanging out here all day, not hot enough. three to four minutes on each side for medium. >> all right. >> i like to use grass-fed steak. sometimes that cooks a little quickly. you have to be careful not to overcook it. this one is already done. we're going to take it off. put it on your platter. >> yes. now, the post marinade. drizzle this on while the stake is nice and warm. >> why do you do the marinade after, by the way? >> sometimes i forget. with grass-fed meat, it can get
8:50 am
dry. and this will ensure it gets a lot of flavor. easy. cover this. we want meat to rest for five or ten minutes because you want the juices to redistribute. >> yeah. >> after it's been resting, now, we have to cut. you can see the grain in the meat. it's very tempting to cut with the grain. we're not going to do that because that is a rookie move. >> okay. >> we're going to cut against the grain. >> are you following this? you know this. >> rookie move. >> no rookies here. superkey to cut against the grain, nice and thinly. >> what happens if you cut with the grain? >> too chewy. >> got it. >> we got that over there. we're going to move on to the next dish. these go really well together. i think putting the flank on a bed of arugula, meal done. supereasy. we got some eggplant here, which is a great summer vegetable. so great on the grill. i like to sweat them out first.
8:51 am
>> what does that mean? >> you're going to put a little salt on top. and the eggplant actually starts to sweat. the salt pulls moisture out. you get some of the bitterness out. and it softens them up a little bit. 30 minutes. once you start to see the beading on top, you can rinse them off in the sink or just wipe them with a paper towel. >> you put salt on and they start sweating? >> totally. it's like a miracle. >> i know people like that. >> these have been sweated out. brush with olive oil. the eggplant will just soak up the oil. you want to do it on both sides, like this. >> and you got the same grill pan. >> same grill pan. you can hit it with salt and pepper. >> all right. >> just take these and put them on. >> yep. >> the key here, no more than half an inch thick. >> okay. >> how do you like the eggplant, everybody? >> we're doing really well here. >> we are. >> it's easy to keep eggplant like soggy. like spongey and tough.
8:52 am
and that makes me want to cry. it can be delicious. >> you have accoutrements for t the top. >> this is the key stuff. this will keep them nice and soft. what we've done here is we've drizzled this with pomegranate molasses. if you don't have prom pomegranate molasses. if you don't have pine nuts, use pistachios. >> a little crunch there. thank you so much. we got the recipes from her cookbook on our website, check it out. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
perfect dasure huh? i don't know about you gus, but i think a foul ball's coming our way. i'm ready! (crack of the bat, crowd cheers) whoa! almost had it! maybe next time. what about this time? pay me! the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery.
8:54 am
with top prizes of 100 grand! that's some catch! (giggles) (crowd cheers) keep on scratchin'! as we settle into the couch, let's celebrate some birthdays. >> let's do that. spin the smucker's jar and let's meet some sweet folks. first up, happy 100th birthday to veronica haggerty. a proud grandma, never turns down a trip to the mall. she loves to shop. bill judge of mt. sterling, kentucky, is 100. spends time mowing the lawn or going for a long walk. happy birthday to imaculata mancuso. sings opera and plays the piano.
8:55 am
mayme pugmyer, 17 grandkids and 38 great grandkids. louise williams of florida, 104 years old. she loves to put on the dancing shoes and still dances the night away. and last but not least, happy 100th birthday to justine wexner of chicago. her secret to longevity, having a group of solid pals. >> missing one. >> who is that? >> tomorrow. you know whose birthday it is. >> no. >> stop it. >> mr. daly. >> i'm not on a smucker's jar yet. >> carson daly. since you won't be here tomorrow, we got you a little six-pack today. >> seriously. that's amazing. >> not a smucker's jar. but i think you will enjoy it. >> thank you so much. >> happy birthday. >> isn't that a tradition of a prebirthday beer. >> don't worry about us. we're all right. happy birthday, buddy.
8:56 am
>> i won't. happy birthday. thank you very much. that's delicious. >> i don't know. >> great. >> you can open up the rest of the beer. >> that's right. we're going to watch carson drink. it good morning. i'm vai sikahema. about 9:00 a.m. it's 74 degrees and getting warmer. right to first alert meteorologist bill henley with your most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> a warm summer day with cloudiness, sunshine and clouds in easton, increasing, and i'm tracking showers, williamsport light showers, trying to move into western berks county. most not reaching the ground. those showers are on the move.
8:57 am
we could see a late day shower. most of the day dry. 77 in philadelphia, now in the 70s for the lehigh valley too, warming into the 80s this afternoon. vai. >> thank you. a check on the roads with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> we're watching that moving through maple shade. emergency construction, you can see some of the cones right now blocking off part of the ramp. this is around where you get to route 73, route 41, we're also watching 95 where there is a disabled vehicle before bridge street on the northbound side. trying to get this guy out of is the way. two lanes getting by and slow on the southbound side toward center city. thank you. crews working to fix a water main break in montgomery county. a portion of mount caramel avenue is closed. police ask that you avoid the area. and today the jury in the trial of philadelphia district
8:58 am
attorney seth williams will hear more from an employee of a nursing home where williams' mother was cared for, alleging williams took $20,000 meant for the nursing home. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have an update in 25 minutes. get the latest with the nbc 10 app.
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ this morning on "today's take," jane lynch is here. we're playing hollywood game night. and the movie everyone's talking about, "the big sick." two of the big stars. plus, the video you have to see. dwayne johnson and the superfan who did the unthinkable for a selfie. what? coming up now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's the "today" show on a wednesday morning, june 21st, 2017. first day of summer. meteorological summer. the calendar starts. and pit bull, can't have.
9:01 am
i suggested there's another song by carly rae jepsen called "cut to the feeling. we're not allowed to play it. >> al roker. >> you play a guest off-camera. >> and i found out carly rae jepsen is going to be here, "leap." a great animated film. >> she would probably appreciate you giving her that shoutout. >> sing is song for us. >> can i tell you -- >> can i show the card first? this is hilarious. we get these cards. in one -- okay. we get these cards. and it says, what's the latest? topic one, sheinelle's big toilet paper score. >> this was not planned. >> not clear on that. >> every day, i just live my life. and i tell people in our morning meeting and they think it's something. today, i was coming across the street. and i saw the security guard coming into work with his daughter. and she looked nervous.
9:02 am
and he looked kind of nervous. i said, is everything okay? he didn't want to tell me. this is my daughter. she's new in p.r.charmin. and she has a responsibility to give the press releases. one of the names said tammy miller. i know her. she's executive producer of our show and i'm about to see her. you want me to take it? she said, that would be so nice. the dad looked relieved. thank you so much. of course. >> notice the bag's empty. i gave tammy the press release. >> was there toilet paper in there? >> i hope you don't have to go to the bathroom. >> here's the thing. there were four rolls of toilet paper inside. i'm not going to lie, i thought for my services, i deserve some toilet paper. and there were two people -- >> you were catching that. >> i came up with eight rolls of toilet paper for three. and i did my duty, too.
9:03 am
>> talk about toilet paper. we go through toilet paper so much in my house, with two 4-year-olds and an 8-year-old. i think they do this to wipe their behinds. like mummiemummies. >> are we on? >> it's true. if i get free toilet paper, thank you very much. >> and charmin is my favorite toilet paper. feel how thick it is. >> and not so thick, that it will clog your toilet. >> feel this. i don't like the stuff you're using. >> that didn't sound right. this whole segment doesn't sound right. >> let's tell everybody at home what you do, al roker. he buys 80 rolls at a time. >> i go to one of the big box stores. we're fortunate. we have a basement here. you're never going to run out. deborah says, why do we have so much toilet paper and paper towels. because we need them. i said, i'm not going to buy
9:04 am
them. and i didn't. and then, we ran out. and she was in a precarious situation. and i -- she said, we're out. really? >> there's nothing worse than being in the bathroom. >> i wonder how that happened. >> i go to the dollar store. >> you want these, too? am i allowed to have these? i was so happy when i met this young lady. thank you, charcharmin. they're for tammy. but tammy doesn't mind. >> two days in a row, getting behind in our work. today is the first day of summer. and the longest day of the year. and not because of this segment. >> those are mine. >> you want that, too? >> oh. >> washington, d.c. will be watching the sunset at 8:37 p.m. eastern time, after almost 15
9:05 am
hours of daylight, 9 hours of darkness. in honor of this long day, we decided to play a game of which is longer. >> i think you need to sell it late better than this. >> which is longer. the statue of liberty or the washington monument? >> toilet paper behind you. >> statue of liberty. >> i'm going monument. >> i thought the flame. >> washington monument, 555 feet. statue of liberty, 305. >> this is in honor of the longer day of summer. mississippi river or great wall of china. >> great wall of china. >> great wall of china. 5,500 miles. mississippi river, 2,320. shaquille o'neal or big bird. >> i have seen them both. >> big bird, 8'2". shaq, 7'1". twa
9:06 am
dwayne johnson or abraham lincoln? >> i'm going dwayne johnson. >> it's abraham lincoln. >> it is dwayne johnson. >> the reveal on that was amazing. >> longest -- the rock is 6'5". lincoln is 6'4". >> he's a big dude. >> i never met lincoln. >> well, none of us have. >> learn something every day. >> daniel day-lewis played lincoln. >> i know. he's retiring. >> there you go. >> that breaks my heart. i love his movies. >> i don't know why. >> is there any way he can have a comeback? >> i guess he could. he has one more movie coming out at the end of the year. maybe he'll get bored and realize -- and he comes back. >> he puts himself completely into movies. ipt h it has to be exhausting. >> america's got talent. amazing moments. >> my kids are obsessed with this show. my whole family. everybody loves it. >> take a look at this dance group called light balance from ukraine. ♪
9:07 am
♪ >> let's vote. >> stop right now. >> here she comes. here she comes. here she comes. >> bam. >> the golden button. >> that means they go all the way through, right? >> what's interesting is that outfit look like brian's jacket. >> i don't disagree with that. with the neon pockets. we reached out to "america's got talent." >> the prizes, in addition to money. they get their own gig, right? >> yeah. >> and that's one you want to see. >> exactly. that's my point.
9:08 am
>> some bizarre talents, somebody doing something weird with an egg. >> that's pretty cool. >> so random. why an egg? >> that's all i could come up with. >> that wouldn't win. >> there's probably somebody doing something weird with an egg. >> that's probably true. that gives me life. why aren't you talking? >> yosef was going like this. >> okay. there's fans and then there's superfans. wait until you see how one person risked his life to get a selfie with dwayne johnson. selfie with dwayne johnson. >> did you know he's taller thad for her compassion and care. he spent decades fighting to give families a second chance. but to help others, they first had to protect themselves. i have afib. even for a nurse, it's complicated... and it puts me at higher risk of stroke. that would be devastating. i had to learn all i could to help protect myself. once i got the facts, my doctor and i chose xarelto®. xarelto®... to help keep me protected.
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nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. watching this breath savers protect mint neutralize the plaque acids in my mouth. i can't see anything! that's because it's working so hard. hey, what are you guys doing? karen. we're neutralizing. maybe i want to neutralize. you ever think of that? discover card. hooh, you're real?? you know i'm real! at discover, we're always here to talk. good, 'cause i don't have time for machines. some companies just don't appreciate the power of conversation! you know, i like you! i like you too! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and talk to a real person. all right. we're back with more on "today's
9:12 am
take." not only talking about the rock. michael phelps swim in a shark tank. you are driving in your car and you look over and who do you see? dwayne johnson. what do you do? >> i would gawk and wave out the window. >> one superfan found himself in the position. and the rock taped their encounter, posting to instagram. check it out. >> stop his truck in the middle of the street. what's up, dude? come on. you're going to get hit by this traffic, man. let's get it. all this traffic is coming right now. come on. >> you're my favorite of all-time. one more? >> come on, dude. you're going to get hit. >> oh, my god. oh, my -- >> come on, dude. >> holy. >> i got the greatest fans in the world, man. i appreciate that. >> that is pretty good. >> i love how he appreciates his fans. >> just rolling up the window and looking the other way.
9:13 am
>> some people would have -- avert their eyes. >> you had a close encounter. >> when you meet the rock, well, yeah. in my defense, my ankle was hurting. >> yeah. i've heard that excuse before. >> you see, i just go limp. that was my one time in life, just relax. >> it is really unbelievable. >> he's worth it. >> how many good-looking guys you do this stuff with. >> here's the thing about the rock. here's the thing about him. people love him. people adore him. especially from his wrestling days. his fans are die-hard. i'm sure he's a charming guy. but when you meet him in person, you get it. >> he looks at you when you're talking to him. he's paying attention. >> he's not phoning it in. he's actually connecting with you. >> yes. >> he's a terrific guy. >> you feel the charm, as well. >> i do. have a big man crush on him. i go limp. and just kind of -- >> you know -- >> carry me away, duane.
9:14 am
>> in that moment, you're a cloud. >> that's it. >> i want to get picked up by duane johnson. >> that didn't sound right. >> nothing i say is sounding right. i'll drink my coffee. >> how about michael phelps? >> how about this? >> are you a fan? >> best swimmer of all-time. >> he's huge, too. and he has flipper feet, which is crazy. >> i've never seen his feet. >> the race of the century. michael phelps is going to take on a great white shark in the discovery channel "shark week" event. >> just when you thought "shark week" couldn't get any better. 23 gold medals, 2 silver, and a bronze. do you go with him or the shark? >> the shark doesn't need to win medals to prove he's a good swimmer. >> a shark, when they're on the attack can swim up to 25 miles per hour. but on average, they swim about 6 miles per hour.
9:15 am
>> how fast does phelps go? >> he goes as fast as 6 miles per hour. >> okay. >> if the shark steps it up, he's going to take off. >> one vegas betting site put the odds out. gambling site bovada. has the shark a 10/1 favorite. sharks, like we said, could get about 21 miles per hour. and phelps has been clocked at 6 miles per hour. >> we don't know the details of it. is there a cage? >> i don't know. i hope so. loser gets eaten. >> are you going to pull the cage while he swims? do you put bait for the shark? >> i don't know. i don't know. we're going to need a bigger boat. the big event, july 23rd. we hope that phelps can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and finish one. this is giving me a haddock.
9:16 am
we're doing these jobs for the halibut. >> oh, my gosh. keep going. >> i'm working for scale. >> anyway -- >> give him the hook. >> i knew it. let's look at what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. we're talking about cindy. morgan city, louisiana, 60-mile-per-hour winds. it's forward motion at eight miles per hour. tropical storm warnings from texas to mobile, alabama. it continues up into the mid mississippi river valley. it will spread a lot of rain from louisville, to birmingham, new orleans. especially long the gulf coast, from central louisiana into the panhandle. we could see 12 inches of rain in an area that's already seeing a lot of rain. and the heat continues again today. doesn't calm down until later on in the week, when finally, temperatures start to moderate a tad. that's wha good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a warm summer day ahead. lots of sunshine and look at these temperatures.
9:17 am
86 degrees in delaware, up to 84 degrees for the lehigh valley and in the middle 80s for the suburbs, a little bit warmer in new jersey. the exception the shore 80 degrees with skies mostly sunny. 87 in philadelphia. mostly sunny, there is, though, a chance we'll see scattered late day showers in parts of the area, isolated showers should move out overnight tonight. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. coming up next, she gets celebrities to let loose and fools of themselves on "hollywood game night." jane lynch is is bringing the jane lynch is is bringing the competition to our i found myself chewing on ice and i just realized jane lynch is is bringing the competition to our this doesn't hurt at all. i can go on bike rides and have ice cream. i can drink beer now. i can have a beer and watch the game. sensodyne has become a part of my life. i don't have to worry about having that sensitivity. you know i can be the taste tester. cold white wine in a nice tall glass.
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emmy and golden gold winning actress jane lynch was decked out in track suits for "glee." but the last four seasons, she's been host of "hollywood game night." >> celebrities face off in party games. we wanted to play one of those games. take it away. >> all right. our nbc lawyer said this game is best played by consenting adults. that means we're going to get handsy, everybody. it ee's time to play "lend me a hand." usually i get applause. [ applause ] thank you. two people from one team will come up and charade a series of things on my card for their teammate. one of the teammates will be providing the body and the other will be standing behind them, providing the arms. all right? on team al, we have gavin and
9:22 am
kate. >> yeah. >> on team sheinelle, is dylan and plaza fan, shinita jones. >> who is first? >> i'm the body. >> you're the body. >> all right. >> al's guessing. >> you're going to keep your hands to your sides. you're going to put your arms through. >> kate's always been a little handsy. >> don't get fresh. our lawyers are watching. you'll earn one point for every correct answer in 45 seconds. are you ready? >> we are. >> are you guessing? >> the category is vacation activities. ready, set, go. >> swimming. >> perfect. >> sleeping. >> perfect. al is on fire. >> dancing. >> you got that right. >> i thought it was hand jiving. >> good luck. >> reading a paper. reading a book. crosswords. looking for directions. pass. >> reading a map.
9:23 am
so close. >> looking an ice cream cone. >> there you go. i'm going to accept that. >> crying. sleeping. getting a facial. putting on sunscreen. >> that's right. >> shooting. taking pictures. taking selfies. >> there you go. >> they're so good. >> drinking a beer. >> drinking is good. >> oh. >> drinking is always good. >> oh, time's up. that was attempt at shopping. not bad. how many did they get? terrific. how many points did they get? >> 80. >> seven. seven points. >> who is in the front? >> okay. >> who is in the front and who is in the back? >> pressure. >> don't get fresh. >> put your arms in. go. our last one was shopping. we are moving on from there. i'll show you in a second. let me control the game. jeez. 45 seconds. go. >> what's the topic?
9:24 am
>> same thing. vacation. >> okay. doing your to do list? read it. >> reading? >> a spa. massage. >> there you go. >> riding a bike. >> basketball. >> at that girl. >> swimming. diving. >> scuba diving. >> i can't breathe. >> rollercoaster. >> atta girl. >> sorry. >> don't hurt her. stretching. yoga. >> yoga. time? is that time? how many did they get? where is my scorekeeper? six. you lost by one. >> i couldn't get the yoga. >> "hollywood game night" fifth
9:25 am
season premiering at 8:00, 7:00 central. we have more with jane after your local news and weather. yes. wiback like it could used to? neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with
9:26 am
intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena that breaking news now police in maple shade are looking for a shooting suspect, minutes ago skyforce 10 over kings highway near the iron hill brewery, right now we don't know if anyone was injured or who police are looking for exactly. stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app as we gather more. let's get to first alert meteorologist bill henley with your forecast. >> temperatures are warming up nicely. 78 degrees now in delaware, and in new jersey. and not far behind in philadelphia, 77 degrees with sunshine, we warm up to 86 degrees at noon time. then cooling down later this afternoon, we may even see a brief shower later this afternoon. but most of the day it's going to be dry. looking for cooler temperatures,
9:27 am
you'll find them at the shore, skies have cleared in new jersey. >> thank you. let's get a check on traffic with jessica boyington. what are you seeing? >> a disabled vehicle on 95, it's around girard avenue and the northbound side, so we're not seeing a ton of delay because all of the traffic is moving away from center city. something to watch for on the shoulder. 22 minutes southbound side, coming the other way toward center city in the 30s, moving back up there. we're watching emergency construction on route 38 near around that exit for route 73 or route 41 is in that area as well. so watch for lanes there. >> thank you. this morning in bucks county people are back home after emergency evacuations last night pennsylvania state troopers found chemical explosives and bomb making materials at a house in shed. they made the discovery while trying to serve a warrant on the man there. he is in the hospital for mental health evaluation. i'm vai sikahema. another update in 25 minutes.
9:28 am
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reach out, say something. addiction is a disease. don't suffer. don't wait. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or go to the road to recovery starts now.
9:30 am
we are back with the hilarious jane lynch, host of nbc's "hollywood game night." hi, jane. >> hi. >> we did a great job of playing the game, the celebrities get much crazier. check out a clip from a game called buzzer." >> it's a character on sesame street. average bird. cookie mobster. an an anna clumsky. abby cadabby. >> he just went for it. >> all-in. jane, good to see you. >> good to see you, too. looked like we were at chuck e. cheese there. >> i want to jump in the ball
9:31 am
pit. >> that's knew. we're in my backyard, os steteny ostensibly, with a pit where we play smash the buzzer. >> these are games that people would play on -- ♪ games people play >> a little spinners. and it doesn't get old. >> no. that's what's so fun about it. very simple. some of the approaches towards the games are ingenious and original. it's a silly excuse to have people over to have a lot of money. and i think people love watching the show because it's like being at a party with a bunch of bright and shiny celebrities. >> i feel like the celebrities throw out any inhibitions. >> you were on the show. you get there. and sometimes somebody looks a lilt reticent after the first round. they are diving into the ball pit. that's the energy of the game. i'm grateful for celebrities who show up to play. show up to make a fool out of
9:32 am
themselves and they don't care. >> is there any celebrity that surprised you? >> michael weatherly from "ncis." he's kind of funny on that show. he was out-his mind. we had him back twice. >> you had the cast of "veep," going up against "the walking dead." does it get better than that? >> we it government versus zombies. >> how do you tell the difference? >> sometimes -- good point. that's what's new for this year on "hollywood game night." we're watching up television shows against each other. "veep" against "walking dead." and the next is "superstar" and "this is us." >> wow. >> our favorite show on nbc. both of them. >> who to root for? >> we have the triplets. we have three employees from "superstar" next week. and it premieres on thursday. >> your favorite game? >> my favorite game that includes me and i get to sing.
9:33 am
>> yes. >> that song sung wrong where i sing a well-known song but i screw up the last couple of words and make the lyrics wrong, you have to guess what the right lyrics are. but once i put the wrong ones in your head, it's hard to come up with it. everybody loves that. >> it's a great game. i love to sing with the band. >> you got another cool project coming up on natgeo. earth live. it's an animal show. >> it's two hours. a really ambitious project. we have cameras all over the world. particularly on july 9th, for some reason it's staying darker all over the world. we can set up the cameras. we have wonderful cameras that can shoot the dead of night and make it like day. we're going from remote place to remote place. and i will be holding down the court here with phil keo, who is "amazing race" host. it will be really amazing.
9:34 am
july 9th. a two-hour live special. >> there's motion over there. let's take that camera kind of thing? >> they've been scoping these places out. and the moon is shining broughter all year. something like that. it's a pretty big deal. they've been working on it for years. >> do people come up to you and say, you have the coolest jobs? >> yes. >> i'm exhilarated listening to you talk about your project. >> i get really fun thing to do. and really grateful for it. and everything is different. i don't get bored. it's a lot of monefun. >> i saw your debut in the movies "the fugitive." harrison ford was on. >> very young jane lynch. >> that was cool. >> my goodness. >> you discover what's going on with provlasic. >> i did. i got the tainted liver samples and i expose them to harrison ford. >> like i said, the best jobs. >> that was great. >> thank you -- >> we can't watch right now. >> i want to.
9:35 am
>> thank you so much. hollywood game night. the fifth season starts right here on nbc. coming up next, a real-life love story coming to the big screen. and it's getting rave reviews. it's called "the big sick." we'll catch up with it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about! it's awesome. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. sometimes i leave the seat up on purpose. switching to allstate is worth it.
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they're magically delicious how dixie ultra plates?roved with two pounds of steak. in each hand. dixie ultra. stress tested ask sherwin-williams during the great summer painting party! save 30% on paints and stains june 18th through july 4th. there's a store in every neighborhood. find yours at it doesn't come out until friday, but the new rom-com,
9:39 am
"the big sick," is getting amazing buzz. it stars kamel razan. >> here's a sneak peek. >> now that niceties are out of the way, i have to tell you, that when you yelled at me, it really threw me off. and you shouldn't heckle comedians. it's so rude. >> i didn't heckle you. i just woo hooed you. it's supportive. >> that's a someone misconception. but yelling anything at a comedian is considered heckling. >> if i yelled out like, you're amazing in bed. that would be a heckle? >> yeah. that would the an accurate heckle. >> oh. >> guys, good morning. >> good morning. thank you. >> this is a different kind of rom-com, based on your life.
9:40 am
tell us the gist of it. >> the gist of it, it's based on the first year of, now we're married. but when we first started dating, it will sound very serious. but it was a comedy. we were dating a couple months, and she fell into a coma. just a light coma. >> a light coma. >> like eight days. in and out. like a trip to europe. i hung out with her parents for eight days and i got to know pem. and the lovely zoe plays my wife. the movie -- we meet. she goes to europe. and then, she wakes up. >> she goes to europe. >> you -- zoe, you play his wife. but his wife, kumail's wife co-wrote this thing. she's in the room when you're tapi taping this. is it weird having the person
9:41 am
you are playing, in the room? >> as you make out with her actual husband. >> it wasn't in the script. it's like, why is this happening? >> we're just standing -- >> just improv? >> yeah. >> was that a little weird? >> the weirdest thing about it was that it felt really normal, which is probably not a great sign about my psychology. really, emily is a remarkable person. when i met her, i fell in love with her. i fell more in love with emily than i did with kumail. which is convenient for you. >> no, i kiss him that way. >> very understandable. >> who is the better kisser? >> come on. al? really? >> i'm just asking. >> i thought there would be so many controversial questions. that was not anticipated. >> see? >> my wife. >> there you go. and what did you say? >> nobody asked me that. you have asked me that. and emily asked me that. >> no one else will probably ask that. >> yeah. >> that's even better than do these pants make me look fat? >> it's a trap.
9:42 am
yeah. >> i will say this. i was telling you off-camera, you have good chemistry. and you do tackle -- i don't want to say controversial, but stereotypical things. like somebody calls you isis. all these things sometimes they yell at you when you're at a restaurant or whatever. and then, you see your character, who is a fun, lovable guy. there's moments when it could be tense. but you end up laughing. you know what i mean? >> yeah. i mean, that's what we wanted to show a little bit is a person versus the way other people see that person. we wanted to show, everybody is a person. >> yeah. >> that's sort of -- we have more in common than we don't. >> that's good. >> and despite your success, your real-life parents don't know what you do? or do they get it? >> now, i think they get it. they saw the movie last night. okay. i think it's going to be okay. for now. i don't know. they wanted me to be a doctor. and i'm not a doctor. >> but there were doctors in the
9:43 am
movie. >> there are doctors in the movie. that was like, what are you complaining about? my wife was in a coma. what more do you want? >> or went to europe. you guys, the movie is fantas c fantastic. it's really good. ed ihank you and zoe is amazing in it. she really is so good. >> i'm just, you know, playing second fiddle to your entire orchestra you have going on. >> wow. >> that's beautiful. that's like a hallmark card. >> she is really amazing in it. >> both of you are. "the big sick" premieres in selectay, june 23rd. i'm not being rude. i have to do the weather. >> al, where are you going? wa pictionary? we're looking at a lot of wet weather. cindy is coming up off oftheang southwest. the pacific northwest looks pretty good. here in the northeast and the ohio river valley, notrrowthat
9:44 am
into the mid river valley as cindy comes on shore. spectacular day tomorrow in the spavereesto good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a warm summer day ahead. lots of sunshine and look at these temperatures. 86 degrees in delaware, up to 84 degrees for the lehigh valley and in the middle 80s for the suburbs, a little bit warmer in new jersey. the exception the shore 80 degrees with skies mostly sunny. 87 in philadelphia. mostly sunny, there is, though, a chance we'll see scattered late day showers in parts of the area, isolated showers should move out overnight tonight. have a great day. >> thanks so much. a summer r camp unlike any other. camp unlike any other. one place that is changing the n
9:45 am
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9:49 am
when a parent is diagnosed with cancer, it affects the entire family, especially the children. >> and millions of kids have a parent going through treatment, a parent who passed away or a parent who is a survivor. >> last year, camp kessem had a free week of camp where kids can be kids and be with others who have gone through the same experience. at college campuses across the country, like this one, camp counselors are going through training. >> my dad passed away three weeks before i moved into my freshman dorm. to hear there was an organization that were dedicated to people just like me, i knew i wanted to get involved and make a difference. >> i don't have any direct relationship to cancer. but the cause still really struck me because it was a group of children i had never thought about. >> reporter: children like hannah henderson, who was only 8
9:50 am
years old when her mother passed away from cervical cancer. >> i remember the morning she died. i was going to school. i said, good-bye, mom, thinking i'm going to see her again. typical third grader. it was during recess when i was called into the office. and my dad was there. and he was crying. i'm like, what's wrong, dad? he said, mommy passed away today. >> reporter: that summer, she returned to camp kessem, a week long program devoted to kids just like her, who have been touched by cancer. >> it's really fun. the one week it of the entire year that i get to hang out with people just like me and understand how i'm feeling. >> there are 86 camp kessums across the country. free to any child that want to attend. >> kids need individual attention. and they need to be seen and to
9:51 am
be heard. especially in a time where that might not always be possible at home. >> reporter: but this is camp. and it's all about fun. >> what you see us doing is a lot of experiences that are fun and allow kids to open up. >> now, we can do extras. >> reporter: sam is a counselor, whose mom passed away from breast cancer before his 16th birthday. >> is support at kesem is you're not going to fix the problem. but we're here to be a shoulder to lean on when a lot of times throughout the year, there isn't that at school. i could never leave this place. if it were a year of long camp, i would be here every, single day. >> it's more relatable here, knowing we've gone through the same thing at some point in time. i feel like we connect on a more personal level than anything else. >> it's like, forget about all your worries. just have fun. >> one of the most important things you can give to anyone in
9:52 am
crisis is the belief that tomorrow is going to be better than today. one of our favorite things that we hear consistently from parents when they get their kids back at the end of the week is, you gave me my child back. they came off the bus and they were smiling and laughing and joyful, for the first time since i've been diagnosed or for the first time since they lost their father or mother. >> i describe it as, like, a second home. a second family. a place where just plain fun happens. it's magic. >> that's beautiful. they are still accepting applications for this summer. and again, it is free for the campers. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce. raspberries for john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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coming up, it's a big summer party with kathie lee and hoda. they have hank azaria, giving
9:55 am
the ladies a sneak peek of his newest roll. plus, a song from jesse crist. and they're celebrating national selfie day with a game of "who knew"? >> that's what you were doing. >> first, your local news and we ♪
9:56 am
nbc 10 breaking news. >> we have break news. police are looking for a shooting suspect. sky force tep over the area of kings highway near the iron hill brewery. police are on the scene gathering evidence. right now we don't know if any one was injured or who police are looking for. we'll continue to monitor this situation. stay with nbc 10 and the app as we gather more information. turn attention to weather. let's check in with bill henley.
9:57 am
>> so far so good on this first day of summer. we're seeing a few clouds move through easton but a lot of sunshine too. just to the northwest of easton we're seeing light showers move toward scranton. a shower or two trying to move into burks county and the lehigh valley. most is likely not reaching the ground. it's evaporating. another break from the humidity in trenton and wilmington. the temperatures climbing, 80 in philadelphia, and low 70s for pottstown and 80 in wilmington. >> thank you, bill. let's find out on the vine street expressway. >> delays on the westbound side. our camera around eighth street. toward the schuylkill a slowdown. it looks pretty normal in both directions. in new castle watch for construction on 495 around terminal avenue with delays. >> thank you. today the jury in the trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams will hear more from an employee of a nursing home where williams' mother was
9:58 am
cared for. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update. spending time hunting treasures my daughter is wonderful. because before i'm even ready, she'll be off to college. and though i've planned for it, i may need a loan to help her pay her way there. just like i do for my son. citizens bank student loans, call 1-866-999-0154. as a leader in student lending, we have student loan options that others don't. including better alternatives to federal loans. i can show you how to pay for your own child's way to college. in case you don't find that treasure chest. if you have a question about student loans, ask me. sincerely michele wright, fellow mom and fellow citizen.
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citizens bank student loans, call 1-866-999-0154 to apply now. but i know it won't be easy. how will i keep up with everyday expenses: rent, food, bus tickets? >> joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including emily. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >> emily: start saving to live independently today.
10:00 am
it's the first day of summer officially. >> is that jake owens singing? it's a great song. >> nice tah-tahs. >> we have a great sho


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